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SolQuest provides nature-based experiential education, mentorship and inter-generational support to connect and empower our youth, families and community.


SolQuest events aim to facilitate experiences that are fun, meaningful, and transformative, as a way of supporting the skills and connections our community needs to thrive. We offer a wide variety of events and outings throughout the year, from wilderness skills training and outdoor adventure sports for select ages and genders to Craft Days open to the whole community. For more information visit our Adventure Outings page.


SolQuest provides monthly Adventure Outings in a variety of natural settings. The outings support our community of men, young men, and boys in developing vital relationships with themselves, each other, and the landscape. We engage in diverse activities such as as rock climbing, caving, whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and surfing, the primitive skills of firecraft, sheltercraft, knife proficiency, acorn processing, and tracking, as well as backpacking and navigation skills.

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