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Nature and People: Connection with nature is crucial to the development of a whole, healthy human being. Children deprived of unstructured play time in nature lose an important inheritance. Social connection through media is not the same as face to face connection. The empathy, social skills and feeling of belonging that come from working, playing and learning with other people in "real life" situations is crucial in the creation of a healthy community. In general, when people connect and communicate well with each other and nature, they are happy. 


SolQuest is committed to getting us all connected in and with the natural world and the fundamental elements of life.


Design: These outings are an opportunity for males of all ages to have fun educational adventures together in the natural world.  


We understand that it takes a community to raise a child and a community of men to help a boy become a man.  At some point in every boy's life he needs to have a relationship with a trusted man that does not carry the freight of the parenting relationship.


Each SolQuest Adventure is an opportunity to connect, learn, play, mentor, be mentored, expand horizons of experience, push past growth edges and relax into the unique atmosphere that we create at SolQuest.  


Structure: Each outing's featured adventure/activity is punctuated by an Opening Circle, a Lunch Circle and a Closing Circle which foster connection and learning, establish boundaries, and debrief experiences. 


Food: Day outings include a lunch break. Participants are advised to bring a sack-lunch with some kind of vegetarian, healthy snack they can share with the group. 


Start Time: Opening Circle for day outings is at 10:00am. Depending on our destination, carpool or Adventure Van meeting times can be anywhere from 7:30am to 9:30am. 


Completion Time: Closing Circle is at 4:00pm. Depending on where we are coming from, carpool/Adventure Van drop-off times will vary from outing to outing and can be anywhere from 4:30pm to 6:00pm.


When: We try to schedule monthly day outings on the fourth Sunday of every month, whenever possible for consistency.




Event Invitations:  To receive invitations send your request with email address to:

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