This team of dedicated men is responsible for planning and managing our Adventure Outings, ROP Journeys, and Community Events, as well as developing curriculum for the (R&D phase) in-school, after-school, homeschool and summer camp programs.

Joshua Hathaway: M.A. Counseling Psych

    Joshua is a loving father, devoted mentor, and exceptionally fun guy to be around. He has been committed to supporting families and youth to transform their world from within for over 15 years in a variety of settings. These include: holistic counseling, consulting and life coaching; wilderness training; adventure mentorship; rites of passage; teaching; facilitating nonviolent communication family camps; facilitating men's work and leading adventure outings for all ages. 

    Joshua has touched the lives of many people across the United States and globally. With a deep respect for the way that making meaningful contact with the natural world heals, harmonizes, and connects, he is committed to being a bridge for individuals, families, and communities to experience LIFE anew though adventure and play. He is a co-founder of SolQuest.

Craig Murray: MA, MFTI, RAS

   Craig is an enthusiastic participant and co-facilitator in outdoor experiences for the enhancement of mind, body and spirit. After years of fitness and nutritional counseling, he discovered that his love for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals was surpassed by his desire to assist people to experience life-changing realizations and insights that bring about positive, lasting change. Since achieving his MA in Counseling he has interned at the Pajaro Valley Prevention and Student Assistance Program where he began working with At-Risk Youth. Mr. Murray is currently employed by Santa Cruz County Health Services where he supports clients to overcome trauma, addiction and life obstacles so that they may achieve their goals of health and happiness and create a positive future for themselves.

Christopher Love: Co-Founder - Youth Mentor

    Christopher has been active in men's work for nearly 20 years and a lead men's work facilitator for over a decade. He has a passion for providing exceptional, hands-on, experientially based learning opportunities for people of all ages. Using his background in early childhood education and communications, Christopher produces events that foster connection with life through natural team building exercises and play in natural settings. Although he is comfortable working with people of all ages he is aware that children are our future. He is committed to assisting the youth in our community to grow up healthy and happy.

Colin Skye: At-Risk Youth Facilitator

     Currently a father of 3, (ages 24, 12 and 6) Colin is the founder of Earthriders and a co-founder of Sol-Quest. He has been on a life long journey to help rebuild the fractured connections between people and our mother, Earth. He has many years experience working with at-risk youth and kids with special needs in and round Monterey, Lake Tahoe and Santa Cruz as a mentor, leader, counselor and teacher. Colin believes in creating and facilitating wilderness experiences, rites of passage ceremonies for boys and an opportunities for all participants to offer a “give back” to the land. His passions and skills include wilderness first aid, mountain biking, backpacking, playing and coaching soccer, hiking, holding space and wilderness skills. He is also an independent contractor in Santa Cruz.